Sometimes with all the doom and gloom that we see in the world around us, it can be easy to not see the best of what people can do. In the past week the fans of the amazing Amanda Palmer, showed us a glowing example of goodness which lies within us all.

Amanda recently released her book, The Art of Asking. She was getting a lot of people asking her, how they could donate her book. She went to Twitter asking for recommendations for a platform to help run this gifting and we put forward the idea of using a Mass Mosaic mosaic to do just that.

A mosaic can be setup around any group or subject matter. Members of the mosaic can add what they Want or Have and can then exchange, by making offers to each other.

The mosaic was quickly setup and Amanda asked her fans to give it a go:

Within minutes, it was a success with people successfully giving and receiving:

When Amanda posted to Facebook, the cat was out of the bag and the mosaic quickly filled up with Wants and Haves from literally all over the world:

It was such a success that Amazon ran out of copies of her book:

The reaction from Amanda about what we are doing @ Mass Mosaic, was so humbling:

But the responses from her fans of people gifting and receiving, left us all totally emotional and full of pride with what we are doing:

It would make for a very long blog post if we were to add everything amazing social media comment we read this week. All full of love and heart felt.

Others took to writing blog pieces Well done, Internet by Krissyfied and My favorite thing that happened on the internet by Emily X.R. Pan

The giving and receiving continues to happen. We’re so proud to play a part in this wave of love. To join in, full instructions can be found here

We want to thank Amanda Palmer for the inspiration she brings to us and so many. She lives everything we are about. Do yourself and the world a favor, read the book, watch her TED talk below and get to know the very special woman some more. There needs to be more like her and it’s awesome to see that more and more are learning from her and doing just that.

And remember we make the Art of Asking easy here @ Mass Mosaic. Just add a Want.

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