Attract Resources


How it Works

A Space is an app to help people outsmart scarcity in groups. Let's outsmart scarcity, together! Remember, Together we have enough. We Are Enough. The problem has been how we organize our resources. Sharing Space fixes this.


Adaptable for Anything

From collective marketplaces to gift economies, Spaces can be adapted to various kinds of exchange platform, including new ones!

Incentivized Growth

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Person to Person

People can directly exchange with others in your Space with the encrypted messaging system.

Interact with Data

Use the powerful list, mosaic, and map views, with search and sortable updates.

Custom Look + Feel

Choose different color palettes and custom branding for your Space.


Keep track of how visitors/members are interacting with your Space via Google Analytics.

Full Privacy Control

Control the visibility of your data with open, closed, and secret levels of access.

Convenient Signups

Let your members join your Space using email or their social media accounts.

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