Together We Can

Solve Scarcity

Mission + Vision

Our mission is to provide simple tools for people to self-organize and share resources efficiently.

Our vision is to grow our impact planet-wide, and end human-made scarcity through building networks of resources for millions of people.

Why + How

Humans could end all sorts of suffering if we mastered sharing space on Earth. This platform is designed to help us along and evolve out of our painful cycles of artificial scarcity, so that all may prosper.

Sharing Space is a revolutionary new model of cooperative + is Open Source! See more below.

Who + Where

This is a multi-stakeholder cooperative called "AnyShare Society" started and is overseen by Robert Jameson, with additional co-founders of Eric Doriean, David Linnard, and Alison Gionatto.

We are based out of Arcosanti, an experimental micro-city, where urban life is studied up close.

The Cooperative + The Code

We founded Sharing Space after many years of exploring the fundamentals for how to create the most ethical company possible. We hope people look at our our official bylaws and business model and follow in these footsteps… To give all a stake in the value they create for a commons.

We adopted the FairShares Bylaws (and modified with their help!) to become the first United States company (and first online company in the World) to include ALL stakeholder groups in voting and dividend profit sharing. This is a BIG milestone in how to ethically structure a company!

We also have licensed our code on AGPL v3 and most of our intellectual property under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Contact us with questions.